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BITS AND PIECES – Blog Short Story Project 3
March 5, 2007, 6:21 am
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I’m participating in the third annual Blog Short Story Project today. Many thanks to Dave and Bryon for inviting me to the show. The required theme was something to do with blogging. What better than to start one? Enjoy.
JT Ellison


The Musings of a Serial Maniac


Monday, March 5

Welcome back, mes amis. I apologize for the long absence. I’ve been tied up.

As those of you who have been reading from the beginning know, the melancholy has begun. It’s just not easy living inside a body that you cannot control. I didn’t choose this path. The life chose me.

This was treasure number five. She was delectable, lithe and smooth, and over the next few weeks, we’ll get into all the details. She was the finest triumph thus far, I assure you.

But mes amis, I must confess that I am restless already. According to plan, I stashed her body in the cardboard box, set it by the side of the road, and drove away, leaving her like a present under the Christmas tree of life. Who will find her? What will their reaction be? Will they feel reverence, pity, disgust? Dare I hope for a tingle of excitement? And why am I worried? I feel like I’ve passed some invisible mark, have entered new territory.

I’m ashamed to admit that I drove through town on the way home. I’ve broken protocol. I’ve broken my own rules. It was careless, I know. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from your comments and encouragements is THE GOLDEN RULE – Never Break Any Rules. That’s how we get caught.

Yet as I pulled away from that lonely little box, I couldn’t help myself. I drove through campus, my blood singing in my veins. I watched the innocents and felt myself stir. I don’t know how long I can wait. The raging of my soul will be my downfall, I fear. No, I know.

I must tell you, this blog has become a most therapeutic exercise. Many thanks go out to TeddieB21 for the suggestion. As a community, we all learn from one another.

I’ll join you again tomorrow, mes amis. Until then… Keep on Killin’. Over!

Tuesday, March 6

Mes amis,

I find myself unable to concentrate. I’ve been watching the news, waiting for any word of my treasure’s discovery, and there has been nothing. NOTHING! I’m afraid. Something must have gone wrong. The treasure was left in plain sight. Maybe I should check, see if she’s still there.

I can hear TeddieB21 now, screaming at me through his computer. No, you’re right, buddy. That would be bad. It would be breaking the RULES. Never come back to the scene. I know. I just have this longing building inside of me, and I can’t seem to decide the best thing to do. This happened the last time, with the fourth treasure. It took me three or four days to get over the high, to sate my desire. If I can just get through a couple more long nights, it will be fine, I’m sure.

I drove through campus again this morning. There is another treasure waiting for me to loosen her from the glories of this life, I can feel her. The vibration is back. It’s too soon. I must make it go away.

On a higher note, work went well today. I have been given a promotion. It means a bit more pay, so Donald, I’ll be able to get you your payment for the tapes. They were divine. I highly recommend you seek out Donald and browse through his extensive collection. Those videos have gotten me through many a bad night, I’ll tell you that. I wonder if I’d ever get over my shyness long enough to allow myself to be filmed with one of my treasures?

I’ve rambled on long enough. There’s a movie on soon I’d like to watch. I won’t tell you what it is, because you’ll laugh at me. Suffice it to say I’ll rewrite my own endings.

KOK. Over!

Wednesday, March 7

Mes amis,

They’ve got her!

The delay was my fault. I chose the site poorly. I didn’t realize that there was a short detour on the outside of town that rerouted incoming traffic to Route 41, dropping visitors to the city downtown instead. No matter. She is found now.

The outrage has made my blood simmer with a yearning I’ve never felt before. The fifth treasure is certainly affording me new experiences, and that’s what Elvis54 always says is the most important aspect of our careers.

I TiVo’d all three newscasts. (That second TiVo box certainly comes in handy – ha!) The investigation is in its beginning stages, but as you all know, this is my favorite moment, the second most exciting part of the process. Will they trace her back to me? NEVER! Long Live the Serial Maniac!

KOK. Over!

Monday, March 12

Mes Amis,

Just back from work and heard some very bad news. Smail466 has been taken.

It would behoove all of you to delve deep into your operating systems and remove his correspondence. I’ll be deleting any trace of him from this site immediately. I know it is difficult to do, Smail466 has been the harbinger of many excellent tips and stories since the inception of this blog, but it cannot be helped. He must be exorcised. Such a shame. That moniker, THE BUTCHER OF MONS, was just so lovely. I doubt the Belgium authorities ever realized the double entendre when they bestowed the name.

But let that be a lesson to all you newcomers. Smail466 made a tactical error and broke one of the RULES. He left that print behind in New York fifteen years ago. Always wear gloves, on your hands and on your pricks, mes amis. Why does something so simple become the downfall for so many of us?

Keep On Killin’, and be careful! Over!


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Clever and disturbing. Bonus points for the authentic-looking date headers.

Comment by Gerald So

Yikes. Nice job.

Now I’m tempted to go looking for blogs like this. On the other hand, maybe I’m not.

Comment by Mike MacLean

Nice, JT!

As usual, you’ve managed to give me the creeps. In a good way, of course…

Comment by Tasha Alexander

creepy but so clever. took me a minute to realize what was going on. Guess I’m creepy but not clever.

Comment by patti abbott

Interesting that so many of us chose to write from the criminal’s POV. Great story, J.T.!

Comment by Christa Miller

Oh, just wonderful, J.T.

I can see his story unfolding in a full book; he’s that well realized already.

Comment by pari noskin taichert

JT – I’d say that this outrage is simply a reminder to not disturb you while you’re in alpha state.

Comment by Robert Fate

The Butcher of Mons! That’s creepily real and ironic. Great work, my dear. I’m not leaving the house today, just in case my “cher ami” is still out there.

Comment by Louise Ure

[…] JT Ellison, Mike Maclean, Paul Guyot, Karen Olson, Stephen D Rogers, Gerald So, Daniel Hatadi, JD Rhoades, Dave White, Anthony Rainone, Pari Noskin Taichert, Patti Abbott, Stephen Allan, Christa Miller, David J. Montgomery and Bryon ‘Monkey Boy’ Quertermous. EMail This Post Print This Post […]

Pingback by Your Friends --

And I forgot to say that I’m glad I read this during the day, not right before bed…

Comment by Tasha Alexander

Very nice, JT. Very nice indeed. 😀

Comment by John Rickards

I particularly like the ‘mes amis” bit. Remind you of anyone?

Comment by JDRhoades

Yes, folks, this is the woman who has the greatest influence on me. Scary, huh?

Fabulously creepy, as usual, JT.

Comment by J.B. Thompson

Disclaimer: this blog writer in no way resembles anyone I’ve ever read. Catchphrases aside. I swear!

Thanks for all the kind words. I’ve managed to hit 3/4 of the sotries and they are all amazing. I’ll read the rest this afternoon, but all in all, I have to say, Well done, everyone!!!!

Comment by killeryear

Nicely creepy. Loved the POV.

Comment by Bill Crider

I’m not sure if that was cool in a creepy way, or creepy in a cool way. Either way, I liked it.

Comment by John DuMond

The POV was great – especially after the recent discussions. Well done.

Comment by Guyot

I loved that. Hilarious, but in a good dark and disturbing way.

Comment by Dave White

You’ve got inside this narrator’s head very effectively and drawn a disturbing personality. Nice work, here.

Comment by Anthony Rainone

Very scary to be reading here alone at one in the morning, wondering about the creepy guy who left a certain comment on my blog last month…Great story, JT!

Comment by patry

Great stuff, JT. Very ‘Dexter’, which I like a lot. Especially loved, “on your hands and on your pricks”.

Comment by Daniel Hatadi

I missed a story by John Stickney posted Monday, and Jim Winter posted a late entry last night. I’ve added both links to the list of project contributors on my blog. That’s a total of 22 stories. Wow.

Comment by Gerald So

Nice job – scary & creepy, screaming through the computer. Wow.

Comment by John Stickney

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Comment by Noble

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