Killer Year–The Class of 2007

Killer Year Adieu
December 27, 2007, 1:26 pm
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Not sentimental as a rule.  Especially on the internet.  But the days wind down on our Killer Year—just four left to go.  Can’t imagine my debut year without it, without the endless string of emails, JTs gusto and dedication, Jason’s business acumen (relayed from his Verizon Blackberry), Bill’s technological savvy and personal charm, Rob’s wise-ass remarks, Marcus’s and Gregg’s “you go, bro” backslapping, Patry’s resolve, Toni’s spirit and wise advice, Marc’s inspiring humility, Brett’s unsolicited kindness except in regards to Rob, Sean’s authenticity, and Dave’s wicked enthusiasm.     

Goodbye to a group that has given me so much in my debut year, more than I could ever repay.  Never would’ve known there could be a thriller community.  Would’ve thought it a contradiction in terms, but no.  Had a blast at Thrillerfest in New York City, even though I was the wallflower.  As usual. 

I don’t mean goodbye for good, of course, because we’re always in touch.  In touch with each other and the wider community that has come to embrace us, babies in the game that we are.  Some of you will be Sophomores in ‘o8 (not me, not quite yet), and you already seem like superstars.  Never met a less pretentious, more stable bunch of writers, and I’m honored that I’ll soon be anthologized with you. 

It’s been great learning the ropes, the business and the pleasure.  Been great getting the chance to spout off occasional rants on this blog.  Never thought I’d get into it.  Realized the other day how much I’ll miss this public musing once the year was out.  Miss it so much I decided to start my own blog.  Feel like a bird being pushed out of the nest, not yet ready to fly.  Geronimo.

Maybe one or two of you will come by to visit every so often.  Until then, I wish you all—writers and oddly dedicated KY blog readers—many more Killer Years to come.    


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What is next for you, Derek? Your book is one of my favorites from the last year.

Comment by dp

What’ll happen here? Will you guys still blog here, or are we getting a new class? Or will that be on a different site?

I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts, and I hope you have many more killer years!

Sorry if you’ve already said. Got distracted the past few weeks, no idea why. 🙂

Comment by spyscribbler

DP: suspense is the name of the game, right? I’ll drip hints at my blog from time to time, though some of them will probably be red herrings. Thanks for your kind words about the book! I appreciate it deeply.

Spyscribbler: no new class, no different site, and whether or not anyone blogs here depends on the whims of individual KYers, I think, though I also think it’s safe to say this blog is mainly kicked (there has been no official call, as far as I know, to literally shut this blog down, though). Our individual blogs might have to do from here on, but they’re good ones!

Comment by Derek

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