Killer Year–The Class of 2007

Never to be Forgotten
December 20, 2007, 12:53 pm
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Christmas is less than a week away, and soon after that it will be New Year’s Day. It’ll be 2008. The year 2007 will be gone.

There are only a handful of years we can single out in our lives as being important. The year we were born, of course. The year we graduated from high school or college. The year our children were born. And perhaps one or two others that contained special turning points in our lives.

2007 is a year that will always be among those I treasure. Like the other authors here at Killer Year, 2007 represented the year our first novels were published. And for that reason alone, it is special.

Many of us have waited decades for this year to come. Many not quite so long, but wanting it no less than the rest. Now we have lived it. We have experienced it. We are all now published authors.

And in a little less than two week the year will be over. Though none of us have our second books out yet (Marcus, I believe, is first with AT THE CITY’S EDGE, with many of us following in the months after), our debut year is done. I guess to me, we are no longer part of the debuting class. We now enter that group of established novelists.

The road ahead is just as hard as the road behind. Some of us will have it easier than others, but because of the bond we created with Killer Year this past 18 months, we will still be there to help each other. I know I’ll be there to do what I can.

And there is more than just the past year of sharing help, and promotion, and ideas. We have a tangible marker of our time together in the form of the KILLER YEAR Anthology just over a month from today.

When someone asks me to list the years that have been important to me, 2007 will be right near the top, preceded only by the years of my children’s births.

Thank you all – both my KILLER YEAR friends, and all the rest of you that have made this year fantastic.

Brett Battles
THE CLEANER Available now in hardcover and coming in June 2008 in paperback
THE DECEIVED Available June 2008 in hardcover.

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