Killer Year–The Class of 2007

It’s not a gang, it’s a social club
December 11, 2007, 4:02 pm
Filed under: Marc Lecard

When I discovered (through Sarah Weinman’s blog) that a group of first-time crime novelistas were banding together for mutual promotion and protection , I was intrigued. I was a first-time crime novelist. It might be nice to have company.

And I needed some help promoting my book–boy, did I ever. I didn’t have the first idea what to do.

So Killer Year struck me as a brilliant idea.

It seemed like a good deal for me in particular. I am not the world’s most extroverted person. My preferred social position is in the deep background, or under something. The other novelists would attract the attention and do most of the talking. I would hide in the back row, like in a class photo, and yell out encouragement now and then.

This is what I thought at the time.

These guys seemed pretty talented, true, but I assumed it would be months before they figured out I was a no-talent hack, and by then it would be too embarrassing to get rid of me.

I made contact. Sure they said–they being the dozen or so writers who made up the group–hop on.

And boy it has been great.

Not only have I been able to cruise in the slipstream of immensely talented young novelists, I have actually been mistaken for one. It just goes to show what guilt by association will do.

You never forget the first time, they say. For me it has been a year of firsts: first book, first crime writer conference, first second crime writer conference. First meetings with fellow Killers at above conferences and in various bookstores.

And at every bend in the road it’s been nice to know that I could turn to my KillerYear compadres and get them to buy me a beer, or anyway email them and ask them what the fuck? Am I the only person to ever have this experience? And receive reassurance, advice, derision, support.

Now unbelievably the year is almost over. The Killers will disperse, each on his or her own brilliant trajectory, the mighty constellation of writerly talent diffusing into the skies of the crime fiction universe.

Thanks to everyone for all your help, for setting me straight when necessary, and for making me laugh. Especial thanks to the founders, who came up with this brilliant idea: Brett Battles, JT Ellison, Jason Pinter, Sandra Ruttan. Nice work.

So, hasta la vista, fellow Killers, and thanks for the ride. We’ve accomplished a lot.

It’s been real.


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