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Double Post…. take that!
June 8, 2007, 4:27 pm
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New Blurb…. and man is it a doozy

It’s from an idol:

“A unique and artful blend of the PI novel and the police procedural, with a story as deceptively simple as your first love and as fatal as your last car wreck…a terrific novel.”

James Crumley, Dashiell Hammett award-winning author of


The Sopranos Countown to Episode 9… the final episode (spoilers?)

I thought that while we’re waiting for the finale, I’d knock out some of my favorite episodes of the show… I won’t do a top ten or anything like that, but I’ll do what I can… I’m going to try and leave out the really famous ones… the great ones that go without saying (Pine Barrens, College.)

Season 1… my favorite episode is “Isabella.” Tony goes into a depression and imagines a hot graduate student is watching his neighbors house while they are on vacation. The only thing to bring him out the reverie? An attempt on his life. The attempt actual wakes him out of his funk.

Season 2…. The end of “Full Leather Jacket” into “From Where to Eternity.” The moments from Christopher getting shot to the hospital say, to Chris’s dream freaking out Paulie… it’s all pulled off with both great drama and comedy. And when Tony kills the one who shot Chris in Jockey Hollow after the kid begs for his life… powerful.

Season 3…I really don’t have a favorite episode minus Pine Barrens.

Season 4…”Whitecaps” has the powerful acting scenes between Tony and Carmella as they split up. Great, real moments. And “Whoever Did This” has Ralphie’s death, which is also great. So it’s a toss up.

Season 5… I’m on record saying Season 5 is my second favorite season…. And the final two episodes with Adrianna’s death and Tony debating how to deal with Tony B are fantastic. A tight season all around, with some great tense moments at the end.

Season 6… I’ve reviewed all the episodes and so far my favorite is “Sopranos Home Movies,” the part B season premeire.

As for what will happen on Sunday?

I don’t know… I’ve been wrong before. But somehow I think Meadow may be killed in NYC crossfire, which causes Tony to make a deal with Phil so Carm and AJ live. Life goes on for Tony, but life becomes his hell as he and the life are the cause of the loss of his humanity and his family.


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