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Numb and Number
April 30, 2007, 1:16 am
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I’ve been thinking a lot about crime news and the state of the world these days. Since it is the weekend, and I should be weeding the garden or working on the new book, I’m avoiding both.

A few things that are rattling around my mind…

I’m stilling trying to wrap my brain around about Virginia Tech and the tragedy that happened there – and how I feel about it. Of course, it was a huge tragedy. But something strange happened to me this time, a few days after the news broke that 33, including the gunman were dead. I accepted it. The massacre didn’t resonate with me the way that Columbine did. Or the September 11th attacks. Or even the Amish school shooting. The pain spike I felt was swift, but abrupt. The Columbine case stunned me for weeks, maybe months.

Even now.

But Virginia Tech? Not so much. I’m being honest here. Some have said, “Well, you don’t feel connected in some personal way.”  Maybe. With Columbine, my girls were in public school, so I felt that more, I guess. But now they both are 22 and at different universities. So, you’d think I’d feel some real connection. I did call them both the morning the news broke, but simply reminded them that they had to be vigilant when taking a seat in a classroom (sit by the door, near an exit….don’t draw attention to yourself…). That was it.

I saw the shooter’s vile videos. I read all the news accounts. But if you asked me how to spell his name, I couldn’t do it without a Google search. He’s a nut. Let’s move on. Learn from it? Jeesh, what we learn is that we’re not going to be able to protect each other when a nutcase enters the equation. That’s it.

In away, I wonder if my own numbness (not indifference, because I “get” the magnitude of what happened) is an acceptance of unthinkable violence as a cost of living today?

The Alec Baldwin flap? What do I really think? Nothing. I don’t care. My parents probably called me worse names. I’ve said things to my own children that I wish I could reel back. Hasn’t everyone? Baldwin is in a toxic custody battle, like thousands of others. Why does he go on The View to apologize and the guy down the road who slaps his kid around isn’t held up to any public ridicule? Why do we give a rip about any of these people because they have a TV show?

Don Imus? Double Jeesh. I never listened to him. His joke the women’s basketball team was lame. I can’t deny that those young women didn’t deserve the remark. It was mean-spirited and cruel. But I do wonder why is it OK for fat bald white guys to be held up as a joke? (Full disclosure this blog entry is written by a fat bald white guy). Why are we so selective in our targets for justice? Why do we keep seeing the same faces over and over telling us what should be in our hearts?

I’m feeling like I’m being told how to feel, how to parent, how to do this or that, that I can’t even care anymore.

Thanks for listening. Off to do my weeding. It’s a beautiful day.


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Fat? Bald? Gregg, just for the record I know of at least four women who swoon when I mention your name.

Comment by Bill Cameron

There are so many schools and places of work that seem to suffer from attacks from the Nuts of society! I too don’t understand how my acceptance and ‘moving on’ came so much sooner this time (after VA Tech). It’s horrible to think that we as a people may be getting so used to these tragities (sp) that our hearts and minds file the event away and go on with life. Someone I know had a few friends (students) get injured in the Engineering Building at VA Tech. I was shocked, and I prayed so hard!!! Then last week, there was a incident at my daughters Jr. High. She could have been shot! She is best friends with one of the targeted!!! Now I feel almost ashamed that my heart didn’t feel this way when I first learned of the VA Tech Tragedy!!! Am I hardenting my heart!!! People/we should never get used to these senseless crimes!!!

Comment by Blaundy

While the Virginia Tech murders hit home for me — probably because I have a son in college — I have to agree with everything else you’ve said.

This obsession we have with celebrity screw ups — no matter how minor — is really starting to chafe.

I’ve never been a fan of rubberneckers. And this celebrity stuff is like rubbernecking at the scene of a tricycle accident.

Comment by killeryear

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