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Killer Year Recommends…
December 27, 2006, 8:20 am
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All this week, we’ll be recommending books that we’ve enjoyed this year.

Brett Battles

HOLMES ON THE RANGE by Steven Hockensmith

One of the most fun reads I’ve had all year. Set in the old west around late 1880s (or is it the early 1890s?), two cowboy brothers – Old Red and Big Red get ranch work where they can. Only things aren’t always so simple on the range, especially when bodies start turning up. Good thing Old Red is a fan of the famous Sherlock Holmes and decides to do some detectifyin’ himself. Hilarious and well written. Worth every moment and page turn. (I also just got a hold of Hockensmith’s next Old Red and Big Red adventure ON THE WRONG TRACK, and so far it’s not only as good, but better!)

AND ONLY TO DECEIVE by Tasha Alexander

Yep, I seem to have a period novel theme going. Tasha is an amazing writer, and AND ONLY TO DECEIVE is a thrilling start to what will be a fantastic career. DECEIVE is set in the world of British Society around the same time period as Hockensmith’s HOLMES ON THE RANGE. And where RANGE brings the world of the old west to life, DECEIVE does the same thing for the structured world of the London social scene.

Recently widowed Lady Emily Ashton is nearing the end of her mourning period but is only now getting to “know” her late husband. And as she gets to know him, she starts to realize that maybe his death wasn’t so natural. Suddenly she is plunged into a mystery that flows in and out of the rigid world she is forced to live in. This is another one of those books that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.


by Dave White

THE BLONDE by Duane Swierczynski

A rip roarin’ tale of one night in Philly with a Blonde. Fun, fast and funny.

HARD MAN by Al Guthrie

Dark, dirty, and full of dogs. What a great, tough hardboiled read.


Great style, great flair, great fun.


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Brett, THANKS! You are too, too kind. I can’t wait to start counting the number of end-of-year lists THE CLEANER makes next year…

Comment by Tasha Alexander

Wow, I have great flair. Thanks, Dave. You’re a gentleman.

Comment by Ray Banks

Thanks for the plug, Brett! You are a gentleman and a scholar. Maybe even a saint. (I’d better let the Vatican make the call on that one, though.) And I’m sure we’ll all be adding “great novelist” to the list, too, once we finally get a chance to read THE CLEANER!


Comment by Steve Hockensmith

Most pleasurable to be sandwiched between two such sexy writers. Thanks for the experience, Dave.

Comment by Al Guthrie

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