Killer Year–The Class of 2007

On Debutantes and Villains, by Kristy Kiernan
December 1, 2006, 7:38 am
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Please welcome our guest blogger Kristy Kiernan, fearless leader of that delectable group of ladies, The Debutante Ball. The Debs are women’s fiction authors who debut in 2007. This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the wonders of pearls and refinement. A pleasant juxtaposition to our murder and mayhem, I should think.

And Kristy was kind enough to provide me with the answers to several burning questions about the Debutantes. Come over to Murderati when you finish here, learn all their secrets.

Without further ado, I give you… Kristy Kiernan.

So how does a Debutante end up in the company of Killers? I’ve been asking myself that question tonight, as I pull off my long white gloves and unclasp my pearls. But really, we’re not so different. The Debutantes, Tish Cohen, Eileen Cook, Anna David, Mia King, Jennifer McMahon and myself, Kristy Kiernan, are about as far from real debutantes- those willowy girls in long white gowns who manage to curtsy, cut asparagus with the correct knife, and throw a charity dinner with the flick of a perfectly manicured pinkie- as the Killer Year authors are from their perfectly drawn and frightening antagonists.

Rather, we are connected through words and hard work, through the excitement of the year leading up to the publication of our first novels, and through our determination to make these careers work. And perhaps we all have more in common with those glamorous debutantes than I originally thought. After all, we, in the form of our novels, are being presented to society, to be inspected, judged, and, hopefully, fawned over just a little. We are looking to connect with our futures: our readers.

And we’ve all, Debutantes and Killer Year authors alike, sought out our fellow writers to share the experience with. The group blog or, as I prefer to call it, the grog, is rapidly catching on in all areas of the Internet. And it’s exploding with writers. We want to be out there, we want to connect, but we’re writing our books every day, how can we be expected to write pithy blog posts on a daily basis? And do readers really need, or want, a single viewpoint, every day? Most readers don’t read just one author, most enjoy several authors, and are always looking for new and different voices, new and different stories. We, authors and readers alike, need our grogs, we need our Debutantes, we need our Killers.

And now, I have an admission to make (in addition to the fact that I don’t actually own long white gloves or pearls): I wanted to be a Killer. I did. I gazed longingly at the cute little beginnings of the Killer Year (my how impressively you’ve grown!). I wondered if I could insert a thriller subplot into my novel so I could qualify. But that wasn’t my story, and I knew I didn’t belong. And so I started my own. And peopled it with the most talented women I could find, the most diverse, the most interesting, the ones with the most to say, the ones who know that supporting their fellow authors is important, who are confident enough to revel in each other’s successes, and whose books (mainstream, reality fiction, gritty suspense, smart romance, lifestyle fiction; all those amazingly diverse styles lumped together under the huge “women’s fiction” umbrella) I can’t wait to read.

And now look at us; not only are we supporting each other in our own groups, we’re going so far as to support other groups too. We groggers just might finally put the image of jealous, insolent, introverted writers to rest. I can’t wait to read the Killer Year books, and I hope you Killers are looking forward to a little taste of Debutante diversity in your lives.


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Well said, Kristy!

But there’s a special knife for asparagus? Crap! And here I thought I was so worldly…

Comment by Tasha Alexander

I love the word grog. Debutante Pirates? 😉

The Killer Year has been a wonder for me, so I know just what you’re talking about, Kristy. Here’s wishing you the best in 2007.

Comment by Bill Cameron

Okay, maybe there is no asparagus knife, In fact, I believe that’s one of those foods that it’s actually considered polite to eat with your fingers (sans gloves I would imagine).

Best of luck to you too, Bill. Maybe Debutante Pirates will be my next grog 😀 I love it!

Comment by Deb Kristy

You are absolutely right, Kristy. I love the support, both within Killer Year and between author bloggers elsewhere like at Deb’s Ball.

Thanks for guesting today!

Comment by Brett Battles

The pleasure was all mine, Brett 🙂 And I do adore anyone who tells me I’m right in any capacity!

Comment by Deb Kristy

I think you’re right. (See, I just want to be adored : ))

Comment by JT Ellison

Aw, Kristy, after waltzing around The Debutante Ball wwith you since the first dance, I know you’re right as well as amazing and talented!

Comment by Larramie

JT, you could tell me how very wrong I was, and I’d still adore you!

Comment by Deb Kristy

Great post, Kristy, and I love the term “grog.” I am thrilled with the support and encouragement that we’ve generated both within the groups and now, between the groups. You’re 100% right (hey, JT can’t get all the love!).

Comment by toni mcgee causey

Toni, my adoration knows no bounds!

Comment by Deb Kristy

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