Killer Year–The Class of 2007

We’re Back… with Big News From MJ Rose!
September 25, 2006, 8:17 am
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Two years ago International Thriller Writers was created at Bouchercon in Toronto. Our goal was to celebrate the thriller, enhance the prestige and raise the profile of thrillers, create a community that together could do more – much more – than any one author or even any one publisher – could for the genre.

But the mandate that mattered the most to me personally, and the one that made me accept a board position, was the goal of creating creative marketing opportunities.

This past spring, when I first read about Killer Year 2007 on Jason Lee Pinter’s blog, I recognized our same spirit and drive behind that effort: a group of writers willing to band together and help each other rather than view each other as competition. To do something different. And to do it right.

I wanted to help – not just because I was so damned impressed with the creativity of the idea but also because when I was starting out I would have killed to be part of a program like this. And I saw the potential synergy between ITW and KillerYear.

Once upon a time – be it twenty-five years ago or last year – each and every one of ITW’s more than 400 members was debut novelist.

And most of us remember every single difficult step of that process.

For some of us that means remembering the people who helped us.

And how hard it was to ask for help.

For some of us that means remembering that there was no one to help us.

And how isolating that was.

Wouldn’t it be great if ITW as an organization could help the debut authors who are going to be the future of our genre?

I was thrilled when this summer the full ITW board of directors approved the idea to adopt Killer Year 2007 and take some of the tough work out of being a debut.

Instead of the classmates asking for blurbs we’re asking for them. So if someone says no, it stings a little less. We’re also getting one of our stars to review each of the debuts and we’ll be publishing them in the ITW Thriller Reader’s Newsletter. And an ITW author has volunteered to mentor each of the fourteen members of the Class of 2007 through their baptism by fire into the publishing world.

Lee Child, Jeff Deaver, Tess Gerritsen, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, Jim Rollins, Anne Frasier, Douglas Clegg, Duane Swierczynski, Cornelia Read, Harley Jane Kozak, Allison Brennan, Ken Bruen and Joe R. Lansdale have all signed on.

In addition, ITW will sponsor a Killer Year breakfast at ThrillerFest ’07 where each of the debut novelists will be presented by his or her mentor to readers, reviewers and the press.

After 2007, Killer Year will remain an ongoing program, with ITW welcoming a new class of debut novelists.

It’s a great honor to have helped put this program together and to introduce it here as the first post at the KillerYear blog. May it be a bestselling year for each and every one of you!

M.J. Rose
ITW Chair of the Marketing Committee

The new Killer Year website is now up! Check it out!

The Official Killer Year Press Release

Killer Year 2007


Brett Battles
JT Ellison
Jason Pinter
Sandra Ruttan


Rob Gregory Browne
Bill Cameron
Toni McGee Causey
Sean Chercover
Patry Francis
Marc Lecard
Derek Nikitas
Gregg Olsen
Marcus Sakey
Dave White


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M.J., thank you for all your work on our behalf. I am humbled by this great privilege, and look forward to doing my part in the upcoming year and into the future.

And thank you to all the members of the Killer Year. It’s a great honor to be counted among such fine authors and wonderful folks.

Comment by Bill Cameron

Fantastic new look on both the blog and the KY website, guys! I’m really looking forward to the Class of 2007’s Killer debuts.

Comment by J.B. Thompson

Holy crapamoli, that totally rocks!

Translation: great news, worthy of multiple exclamation marks!

Comment by Daniel Hatadi

this is absolutely AMAZING. congratulations on taking an already fantastic idea to a completely new level.

here are my marks: !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and did J.B. say KY?????? :O

Comment by anne frasier

This is a wonderful idea. Since I already know Bill Cameron’s work (and it’s elegantly scary if I do say so myself) I’m looking forward to reading the other novels!

Comment by Janet Reid

Thanks, MJ, for both your personal support and that of ITW. You’ve definitely more than just pitched in to help us make Killer Year even more than we hoped.

Comment by Brett Battles

Congrats! It’s great to see the thriller community coming together to support the Class of ’07 – not surprising, but very, very cool.

Comment by Angie

I’m so glad you guys are back on the air! And what a wonderful post to start with.

It’s fantastic what ITW and its members are doing to help foster the future of thriller writers! I am so looking forward to reading everyone’s books in 2007.

Comment by CJ Lyons

It’s so great to be back — we’ve been chomping at the bit to get rolling again. Thanks for sticking with us during the hiatus.
MJ, thank you for your lovely post. I’ve said it before, but you’ve made Killer Year more than we could have ever hoped.
So here’s to it, kids!

Comment by killeryear

MJ, what can I say? What a wonderful introduction to our group. Ever since I signed up with ITW — the day after I got news of my book deal — I have been thrilled (no pun intended) to be part a great organization — an organization whose greatness was confirmed at this year’s ThrillerFest, where I met so many supportive authors.

It’s a thrill to have someone like Gayle Lynds mentoring me through the Killer Year. I had already had the honor of having her read and blurb my book before our group got started, and that, coupled with the fact that she’s one of our best thriller writers and only lives a short distance away, made the two of us seem like a natural fit.

I can’t wait to see what the year 2007 brings. Thank you again, and thank you to ITW.

Comment by Robert Gregory Browne

I feel so fortunate to be part of this.

Thanks, MJ–not just for your support of Killer Year, but for all the generous advice you’ve provided in the past.

Comment by patry

Although there may be 14 authors listed as mentors, MJ Rose is truly our Godmentor. She’s done so much to help this group get off the ground and we wouldn’t have achieved this much without her.

Thank you MJ! And thanks to all of you for dropping by and supporting us. For those of you still dreaming of the deal, set your eyes on the future Killer Year groups – how amazing it would be to see some of you as part of this in the years to come!

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

I thought this was an amazing idea when Killer Year was first introduced and now all I can say is that I’m so happy for all of the founders and members. I’d say that this has got to be a dream come true, but I’m betting, though I can’t be sure, that this is so much more than any of them ever dreamed of when they were plugging away writing those debut novel manuscripts.

It’s been inspiring to follow along. Congratulations everyone!

Comment by Susan Flemming

This is fantastic news. It’s been amazing to watch the Killer Year crowd really push to help each other out as they make their way through the craziness of their debut novels. It’s inspiring and heartening to see you guys making this happen.

Comment by Stephen Blackmoore

Thank you so much, MJ, for that fantastic post and for all your generous support. It feels great to be a part of Killer Year and the International Thriller Writers.

Comment by Derek Nikitas

Best of Luck! I’m looking forward to Killer Year’s releases next year!

Comment by spyscribbler

Congratulations, everyone!!

Comment by Phil Hawley

Place looks great! The Debutantes are behind you all 100% and can’t wait to see what you do next. We in the women’s fiction aisle look forward to reading your books and learning from you. Best of luck!


Comment by Kristy

I love the new look. And you know I think you all rock 🙂 (Especially Gregg.)

Comment by Allison Brennan

Congratulations…..what a great idea! I’m looking forward to reading all these terrific debuts. The website and blog are looking fantastic. Way to go!

Comment by Andrea Maloney

Thanks for the fantastic kick-off, MJ.
As always, you rock.

And thanks to everyone who stopped by
today — man, this is going to be
an amazing year.

Comment by toni mcgee causey

Cool stuff. Thanks MJ.

Comment by Dave White

MJ, thanks so much for the fantastic re-launch blog! You’re wonderful!

Comment by Gregg Olsen

The blog is looking great and M.J. is looking fine. Congrats to everybody. Best wishes for the Killer Year and all her novelists!

Comment by m.g. tarquini

You all have something really good going on here. I plan to check in often and can’t wait to read your books!

Comment by Jennifer McMahon

I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.

Comment by Hannes

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