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Hoedown, Fiction Style
July 18, 2006, 8:40 am
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It’s hot. And I’m tired. And every time I try to write my post, it doesn’t come out right. So I’m giving up. That’s right. I quit. For today anyway. Instead, I’ve decided we’re going to have a fiction writer’s version of a Hoedown!!

No folk music or square dancing here. Just short stories to feed our imaginations. I’ll throw out some by a couple of our Killer Year folks, then you all can join in and link your stories or stories you like in the comments section.

Don’t be afraid. It’s a Hoedown, everyone’s welcome!

Three from me:
Venti Latte
A Die Job

JT Ellison
The Mistress

Sandra Ruttan
Creative Differences

Woo baby! Now we’re cooking!

Brett Battles
The first Jonathan Quinn thriller
due Spring 2007 from Bantam Dell

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Oooo, cool, stuff to read!

First I’ll mention Sandra’s “Fucked Again,” because I dug it. It’s at:

I’m not a prolific short story writer myself (I tend to go long once I start), and I’ve actually only written one or two that would qualify as mystery or suspense — and those aren’t available online unless I get my keister in gear and put them up myself.

One non-mystery that I’ve always been rather proud of is called “The Thunderhead and the Beast.” It can be read at:

Comment by Bill Cameron

Here’s another from a Killer Year classmate:

Hope y’all like it.

Comment by Rob Gregory Browne

That’s a great one, Rob! Good work!

Comment by Brett Battles

Just a little curiosity here. How come my comment is awaiting moderation? Because I used a naughty word? It’s not my fault — it’s the title of Sandra’s story!

Comment by Bill Cameron

Sorry about that Bill. Must have got caught in a filter. It’s up now.

Comment by Brett Battles

Bwa ha ha. I said fudge, only not!

Comment by Bill Cameron

Some friends of mine up on Flashing in the Gutters:

Chris Mikesell, “The Turn Before Last”

J. Mark Bertrand, “The Code You’ll Live By”

Linda Gilmore, “Thy Brother’s Life”

Matt Mikalatos, “The Samaritan”

Comment by Chris Well

Reading all the fine submissions listed above inspired me to finally shoot something off to Flashing in the Gutters myself:

Comment by Chris Well

i have a few at gutters:

Comment by anne frasier

Aw Bill, thanks for putting up the link. I’m glad you liked the story.

I think this is a great idea, Brett. Sometimes, it’s more fun to send people elsewhere to read. And, I don’t have my handy links in front of me, or I’d mention it’s Wednesday, at least in the UK, and that means if you go to my blog and look in the comments under my post from Sunday (Ciao Babes) there’s guy named James Goodman, and he always posts Darwin award winners on Wednesdays. They always make me laugh.

XO Sandra

I look forward to catching up on the other links when I get home guys.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

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