Killer Year–The Class of 2007

A ThrillerFest Fact or Fiction, True or False Pop Quiz
July 6, 2006, 6:00 am
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Pictures…Pictures… Pictures…

  • Is Lee Child as gracious, handsome, charming and generous with his time as people claim?
  • Is Gayle Lynds one of the most elegant women in the thriller field?
  • Were the ITW judges spot on in their decisions for the winners of each category?
  • Could Ali Karim take over the 007 James Bond enterprise with his eyes closed?
  • Though Special Forces operators were readily available to teach us how to kill a man 40 different ways with a spoon, can Jim Born slay them all with his rapier wit?
  • Is Larry Gandle a very dry, funny guy?
  • Is Sarah Weinman one of the smartest women in the genre?
  • Does Sarah Weinman have a 1920’s speakeasy sultry voice?
  • Does the Biltmore serve excellent food, but leave something to be desired when it comes to checking out?
  • Were the bimbos and bibles afraid of the bombs?
  • Does MJ Rose have it all – marketing smarts, excellent writing and a face to die for?
  • Do resorts who remodel bars during major convention weekends deserve a big jeer?
  • Are the friends of KillerYear the best friends a group could have?
  • Is Allison Brennan disarmingly charming and sweet?
  • Does JT Ellison have a camera fetish?
  • Is David Montgomery the sweetest man in the world?
  • Did David Terrenoire have a blinding smile pre and post Awards ceremony?
  • Did Stephen Blackmoore sneak a peek down a couple of dresses?
  • Are thriller writers gregarious people who know how to throw a party?
  • If you put a beard on George Easter, would he make it through customs on John Lescroart’s passport?
  • Does Alexandra Sokoloff, in addition to being a talented writer and singer, look a helluva lot like Kyra Sedgwick?
  • Is Mike MacLean channeling Lee Child?
  • Does Joe Konrath know how to light up the bar?
  • Does Marcus Sakey need to offer to do a stand in for David Hasselhoff’s hair?
  • Do you accept a screaming orgasm from Barry Eisler, or tell him no, thanks, you’ve just had one???
  • Is Elaine Flinn the grand dame of the thriller world?
  • Will John Lescroart kill you if you pronounce his name wrong?
  • If you can’t make every panel, is it okay to repair to the bar to await the crowds?
  • Does stress make non-smokers bum cigarettes off of NY Times bestselling authors?
  • Outside of a blowtorch, is there such a thing as a dry heat?
  • Is Raelynn Hillhouse the real deal?
  • Are business cards your friends?
  • If you can successfully complete a crossword puzzle in pen, do you annoy all the people who can’t?
  • Is it always better to listen than to speak?
  • Is listening to your own press ever a good idea?
  • Is a cumulative total of 12 hours of sleep over 72 a good thing?
  • Does Robin Burcell have a modeling career ahead of her with the blonde locks?
  • Is Chris Rice absolutely adorable in person?
  • Did the KillerYear crowd have a fantastic time, getting to know each other and so many of the giants in our field?
  • Does MIRA Books really know how to throw a party, and treat their authors?

And last, but not least….

  • Is Tess Gerritsen really JT Ellison’s biggest fan???????

(Okay, that one needs an explanation. I tripped over my tongue when I clumsily introduced myself to Tess, who is as lovely as everyone says. As I was trying to get the words out, I managed to tell Tess that she was my biggest fan. Sheesh, talk about an embarrassing moment!)

There were so many more people who made my weekend so great (I’ve just run out of clever things to say. Was any of that clever? Never mind.) In no particular order:

My MIRA Ladies: Linda McFall, Margaret Marbury and Diane Moggy, Brett Battles, Jason Pinter, Toni Causey, Rob Browne, Phil Hawley, CJ Lyons, Mindy Tarquini, Elizabeth Krecker, Derek Rogers, Cindy Dees, Laura Caldwell, Chris Grabenstein, Tim Cockey/Richard Hawke, Twist Phelan, Heather Graham and her ultra cool husband Dennis, Kayla Perrin, the adorable Thomas O’Callaghan, Jeff Buick, Josh Convisor, Karen Dionne, John Gilstrap, John Ramsey Miller, Harry Hunsicker, Gregg Hurwitz, Reachers Creatures (Hi, Ladies!), JD Rhoades, Zoe Sharp, Louise Ure, Erica Spindler, Alex Kava, Kayla Perrin,the Oh So Cool Paul Guyot, Hank Wagner, Maggie Mason, Barbara Franchi, Stacy Alesi (BookBitch, who is sweet as pie and should never be considered to be anything like her professional moniker), Jim Rollins, David Morrell and Shirley Kennett. Whew. Apologies for the names I missed, misspelled, etc. I have french fries for brains after all that.

Stop by Murderati tomorrow for a more serious round-up.

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I didn’t go to Thrillerfest, but I can tell you Lee Child is probably the nicest and most gracious author working in the business today –surely in the top ten. When I was looking for some early support (pre-sale!) of A WICKED SNOW, I sent him an email about how I was switching genres and would he take a peek…got a response, his address in France and sent him a manuscript. His blurb and note back could not have been more charming and encouraging. I will never forget what he did for me. He’s a superstar all the way around.

Comment by Gregg Olsen

Sweet as pie! May I use you as a reference???

Comment by Stacy Alesi

Just in case y’all were wondering, all the answer are true, yes, and fact. These were great people and a great conference!
You’re right, Gregg, Lee is amazing.

Comment by JT Ellison

‘Grand Dame’ I’ll accept only because I’m probably the oldest dame there…but grand? Nope-that belongs to Gayle. But, oh…J.T.! You do know how to put a smile on this old bags face!

But-just watching the Killer 2007 group gave me a boost of much needed energy. Well, along with a few screwdrivers, that is.

Comment by Evil E

Funny. JT, I know you wanted my chair at the closing brunch and I hope you won’t hold it against me that I chose to stay by the wonderfuly droll Derek Rogers (you did get him at the Awards banquet). It turns out he lives closer to me than anyone there at the conference, something I almost didn’t discover. I had to rush to my plane so I never got to say goodbye to you but I think you’re amazingly charismatic and I enjoyed our time talking together. I will promote the heck out of killeryear here in LA never taking off the t-shirt. Even in the shower.

(Really, I do know people and will do my best – I would love to see you guys make a huge splash)

Comment by Donna Kuyper

Hey now!

If there weren’t so many short women in dresses I wouldn’t have… Ah, hell. Never mind.

Comment by Stephen Blackmoore

Yay! Donna,
I’m so glad you stopped by! I loved meeting you too, and when I put together my list I couldn’t find your info. You’re going to rock this industry, girl, so don’t foget us when you get huge!

Comment by JT Ellison

Hey now!

Sneak a peek down a couple of dresses? What exactly are you trying to say? Is it my fault the Killer Year women are so hot? And Brett, too. I mean, he looked pretty tasty in that mini-skirt.

Comment by Stephen Blackmoore

Stephen, it’s a height thing. Did you notice that all the women were really tall?
I’m just kidding with you. I loved meeting you and spending time with you.

Comment by JT Ellison

LOL, sweet? Where do you want me to send your payment?

I am hitting myself that I didn’t bring a camera.

Comment by Allison Brennan

…ewwww…I think I need a shower…

Stephen, restraining order on the way.

Comment by Brett Battles

I can’t wait to show off my slinky black dress.

Comment by Bill Cameron

J.T., fabulous pictures. I love your red dress!

Comment by Tasha

Is JT kind beyond measure? Witty too? And a great photog?

Comment by M.J. Rose

J.T. is absolutely beyond measure!! And gorgeous in a red dress. Ok, gorgeous all the time!

Comment by Elizabeth

JT is a FORCE. It was so great to meet you – WAY too brief! Can’t we just do it all again this weekend?

Oh – and if only I had a dollar for every time someone mistook me for Kyra! I think the real test would be to see if Kevin could tell us apart, don’t you? 😉


Comment by Alex Sokoloff

Adorable? Thank you, JT. I think I’m blushing.

Comment by thomas o'callaghan


nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

Comment by Cash

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