Killer Year–The Class of 2007

25 Things I Learned at ThrillerFest

1)     Arizona looks just like New Jersey, only with palm trees (credit Sarah Weinman).

2)      Pretty much any panel where they serve booze is going to be fun. It’s an added bonus if the panel is about sex as well. I will never again think about inserting Tab A into Tab B without laughing. Or hear someone say, “This is the thrust of what I’m saying” without thinking of John Lecroart. Um, ok, let’s move on.

3)      Steve Berry has an AWESOME southern accent. He makes me want to raise him on a farm. (Funniest moment of the “Sex and Booze” panel: Steve Berry recalling a conversation with his ex-wife after THE AMBER ROOM was published, where she told him to stop writing sex scenes because he should stick to writing what he knows)

4)      Rob Gregory Browne would make a really good P.I. That is, if we didn’t learn he’d do pretty much anything for $10.

5)      Douglas Preston owns a terrific collection of floral shirts.

6)      The Killer Year class is just an awesome group of people. But Marcus Sakey is too attractive to be a part of it. Something might need to be done about this.

7)      When a writer asks a doctor how much money they make, it’s considered rude. When a doctor asks how much money a writer makes, they have a moral obligation to answer.

8)      Alexandra Sokoloff has a fall-back job that pays better than writing. That’s just not right.

9)     I’m really jealous of Allison Brennan’s delivery schedule.

10)  Phil Hawley makes us all feel like we need to work out more (this might have had something to do with meeting him for this first time as he came back from the gym all good and sweaty)

11)  R.L. Stine is just about the funniest person alive. Seriously. No, really.

12)  If I’m ever arrested, I could do a lot worse than having Paul Levine or Michele Martinez represent me.

13)  Jim Born sounds like he’s been on a lot of witness stands.

14)  Women think Barry Eisler is really hot. We might have to kill Barry Eisler.

15)  Christine Kling’s life sounds a hell of a lot more exciting than any character I’ve read in a book.

16)  Harley Jane Kozak wasn’t totally appalled when I told her I was a big fan of “Necessary Roughness” and “Arachnophobia.”

17)  The MIRA folks are really freaking cool. And if they ever decide not to renew my contract, I learned some dirt (thanks to those margaritas) that I’m totally using for blackmail.

18)  Killer Year t-shirts looks pretty great on an important critic (David J. Montgomery) and a New York Times bestselling author (Allison Brennan).

19)  Thanks to Tess Gerritsen, I now know what a body looks like after it’s fallen out of a plane. (urp)

20)  With just a little more pushing, we could have gotten David Terrenoire to walk into that sorority function.

21)  If I hear, “I have six manuscripts, can I send them to you?” one more time, I will commit a homicide.

22)  If a person argues with you during your panel, it doesn’t matter what you say. They’re right. Accept it and move on.

23)  Thriller writers are not big fans of the New York Times.

24)  Every person who’s ever written a thriller is represented by Scott Miller.

25)  I can’t WAIT to read the books by the class of 2007. And meeting a lot of them in person only made me want to read them more.

Now I had to leave early to attend a wedding, so hopefully other KY members can add to this list…Have at it…


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This conference was absolutely amazing. Your list really tackles the gist of it, though Saturday night was a bit crazy. I’m going to get some pics together, will send a link later.
It was so great to meet the KillerYear mates… Toni, Marcus, Phil, CJ, Rob, Jason and Brett rank up there as the nicest people I’ve had a chance to meet. And the funniest, too. I spent the whole weekend laughing so hard my throat hurts!
I had a chance to meet and get to know my editor and publishers, Linda, Margaret and Diane, which was truly a great experience. MIRA Books is a totally kick ass company, no question about it!
More later, drowning in email…

Comment by JT Ellison

I would do anything Rob would do for $9.50.

Comment by Bill Cameron

The best part of the weekend (other than meeting Tess Gerritsen and finding out she is just as fantastic as I thought she would be) was meeting the members of Killer Year. You guys rock and since I’ve already read at least one of the KY books, I’m optimistic that they’ll be just as cool as their authors 🙂

Comment by Allison Brennan

Let me just throw in that Allison, you were fantastic. I feel like I’ve made a new friend in you…and I’m sure the others feel the same. I’m having serious Tfest withdrawls today. This was by far the best conference I’ve ever been to.

Comment by Brett Battles

Let me second Brett’s comment. Allison Brennan is gracious, hysterically funny, and I felt like I’d known her all my life. She is truly a friend of KillerYear, and now one of mine to boot. A really great lady!

Comment by JT Ellison

I’m thirding the Allison love! She is incredibly funny and fun, and incredibly helpful. I think I must have asked her a quibillion questions and she not only answered them all graciously, but made me feel like it was okay to have so many questions at this stage of the game. Thanks, Allison!

Comment by toni mcgee causey

You were all awesome! It was fabulous meeting every one of you! Can’t wait to read your books!!!

Comment by Elizabeth

I LOVED meeting the Killer Year group. You guys are the best. Rob gave me a T-shirt. Now I just wish I was published in 2007!

Comment by Natalie Collins

OMG, I feel so warm and fuzzy I might break out and start singing Kum-bye-yah (no, I don’t know how to spell it, isn’t that what copyeditors are for?)

The feeling is mutual. I was telling Toni over lunch that I was so glad she’d emailed me before the conference to see if we could get together because I was afraid I was out of my league and wouldn’t fit in. But the great thing about this conference is that we all found a place to fit in, I don’t think anyone was excluded.

Like Brett, I’m going through T-fest withdrawls, too. I can hardly wait until next year.

Comment by Allison Brennan

I met Tess Gerritsen years ago. She might very well be the nicest person on the planet.

Comment by Patrick Shawn Bagley

Isn’t it funny how nervous we all get before we go to conferences, and then we have a wonderful time?

I still get really nervous, though. Go figure.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

[…] After reading all The Thrillerfest reports on the blogs, I must say I’m glad that I’m going to Harrogate. I don’t know what, exactly, Toni did with the pig or how Jason found out Rob will do anything for $10 and I’m not sure I really want to know. (There’s something to consider before you ask a question. Do you really want to know the answer? If the thought of what might be said has you shuddering with horror, shut your mouth and back away…) […]

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Comment by Jackie

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