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What the hell is happening at Thrillerfest?
July 1, 2006, 10:30 pm
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Fair question. After all, the EIGHT members attending were supposed to blog live from Thrillerfest today, sharing their witty insights and observations.

Instead, one of them emailed around 3 am. Which should have been a pretty big clue. There would be no post. How could there be? They were partying all night!

You know, I don’t know why anybody books a hotel room for these things. Last year, when I was at Harrogate, I slept during Ruth Rendell’s session. Not that she wasn’t interesting, but you can only go so many hours straight, you know what I mean? Sat down and it just caught up with me. Right back to the bar afterwards, though. And at 6 am there were certain people, who would likely prefer to remain nameless but too bad for them, still keeping the stools warm. I believe it was 7:30 am before they tottered off to bed. I was going for breakfast.

If you’ve never been to a mystery convention before, here’s my bit of advice:

1. Sleep before you go and after you get home. Believe me. If you think you’ll rest there, you’re certifiable.
2. Protein bars. Trail mix. Granola bars. Cereal bars. Whatever. Take packaged quick food with you! Don’t be a hero! Look, between the alcohol and the lack of sleep, not to mention people like me who don’t drink (much) and always carry a camera, it’s a lot cheaper to dilute the booze and keep your head clear than to pay the blackmail fees later. You doubt this? Haven’t you seen my report about Stuart MacBride in a kilt on my blog? Trust me – he’s learned his lesson. Won’t even bring the kilt to Harrogate now, darn him.

(But seriously, food can be costly, and sometimes menus are limited. I have a digestive disorder that requires monitoring my diet – therefore, I always carry stuff to tie me over.)

3. Baby wipes will only go so far as a substitute for a shower. Just…remember that. Okay? Thanks.

I’m sure the kids will have all kinds of fun news to share on their blogs this week. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe the email I got was supposed to be the post? Except I don’t think Brett really wanted to confess that on the blog. Hmmm. Best to err on the side of caution.

And we’ll see the kids Monday.

I think.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering? Yeah, waiting to post my words of wisdom until after the Killer Year crew left for Phoenix was part of the strategy. I learned the hard way last year. I shouldn’t be the only one to suffer!

Sandra Ruttan
Suspicious Circumstances
November 2006


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Well I for one am ready to kick Toni’s ass if she doesn’t report in soon. Sheesh. Some of us are living vicariously, ya know.

Comment by planetpooks

We’re having a blast. Between the visiting and hanging out and the really great sessions and the hanging out and did I mention the hanging out? Loads of fun. We’re about to go to the awards banquet and afterward, I’m betting on more hanging out and telling stories which may or may not have featured a pig.

Comment by toni mcgee causey

For the record, I’m not asking about the pig.

(What can you tell me about the pig?)

Comment by Bill Cameron

Well, I had a chat with Brett between sessions and I heard about the pig and My Satanic Infuence (aka Joe Konrath) and something about a t shirt and a bed and…

I think I’ll stop there. Leave you in suspense.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Don’t ask about the pig.

Don’t. Ask.

Comment by planetpooks

….Sleep befor and after conference, not at conference…check
….bring food becasue hotel food can be expensive (VERY, VERY)…check, well after an emergency run to the store in Phil Hawley’s car
….baby wipes…ah…yeah…that’ might have been nice. It was HOT AS HELL here…but it’s a dry heat…

Confernce over about an hour ago. In the airport right now. Can barely keep my eyes open.

Ah…the pig.

Comment by Brett Battles

Don’t know about the pig, but I had a GREAT time meeting all my fellow KY’ers in person!!

Hope to see you all again real soon–and to hear the truth about the pig
CJ, too tired to sleep, but trying to follow Sandra’s sound advice

Comment by cj

Well, Sandra, I WOULD have chimed in if my ethernet port had actually worked.

But it’s true. Thrillerfest was just a blast. A blast, I tell you.

Not only was it great hanging with the killer crew, but partying with and hanging out by the pool with those sorority girls was FANTASTIC — I’ve never had so many interesting conversations. 🙂

Comment by Robert Gregory Browne

Ah, the pig. Yes, Toni needs to talk about the pig. So sorry you couldn’t be there, Sandra.

It was a blast meeting the Killer Year crowd in person.

And yes, Toni you do still owe me that drink.

Comment by Stephen Blackmoore


I am reading your advice, but I intend to sleep AND shower at Bouchercon. Call me an old woman if you must, or just call me clean and well-rested and better smelling than the masses. My hotel is so expensive I intend to get my money’s worth out of it.

Comment by Julia Buckley

Well Julia, if you want to give it the ol’ college try, you go for it! Just consider yourself warned!

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

I’m sorry you weren’t there Sandra! I would love to have met you . . . next time . . .

Comment by Allison Brennan

I’ll be at BoucherCon, Allison! Maybe then!

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

[…] Carrying on with my ”advice I only posted after the Killer Year crew left for Thrillerfest” theme, one of the things authors often forget is that they need to think about handling questions before their book comes out. I’ve already done two interviews and have been asked for a third. […]

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