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Weekend Update — Getting to Know the Classmates
June 24, 2006, 6:00 am
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Every weekend, for the foreseeable future (or until we figure out something better), the Classmates will answer a question designed to give you some inisght into their world, and introduce you to their main characters.

This week's question is deceptively simple.

If you were a rock band, who would you be, and why?

If your main character was a rock band, who would they be, and why?

Without further ado, I give you the Class of 2007…

Robert Gregory Brown

Thomas Dolby, because he does it all himself.

The Smithereens, simply because they're… cool.

JT Ellison

I’d be AC/DC, because I want to shake you all night long.

My main character, Homicide Lieutenant Taylor Jackson, would be Garbage. Shirley Manson’s angst, insightfulness and all out talent fits her perfectly.

Brett Battles

For myself, I'd say David Bowie. Because I'm constantly needing to change who I am on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis depending on what I'm doing. (Plus I wish I was as cool as he is!)

For my character, Jonathan Quinn, I'd have to go with U2, because he's his own boss, has a personal code of ethics, and is the best at what he does.

CJ Lyons

If I was a rock band, it would be Led Zep–something for my every mood from kickass to romantic to angst to party-hearty.

For my main characters, Cassie Hart would be John Lee Hooker (okay, he's not rock, but definitely a forefather) because it was her father's favorite music and was playing when he died. Detective Mickey Drake would be Tantric–for obvious reasons

Gregg Olsen

Me? Taylor Hicks Band because by using his name right now I’ll get a lot of hits on the search engine. Plus, if I had hair, I’d like it to be thick and gray.

For Hannah Griffin, protagonist of A WICKED SNOW, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts because she’s tough as nails and still looks hot in black leather.

Marcus Sakey

I'd be David Hasselhoff. No denying it once you've seen my hair.

Marc Lecard

For myself, I would like to be Dave Alvin and the Blasters, respecting the past, looking to the future, having a good time.

But in reality I am probably more like Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, tending to live in the past, making fun of everything, getting thrown out of bars a lot.

My main character, Johnnie LoDuco, narrator of Vinnie's Head, is definitely The Ramones, because he is working inside some serious limitations, is completely unaware of them, and manages to get it done anyway.

Sandra Ruttan

Me? Deric Ruttan, because I know where his values lie, and he's a great storyteller. He can co-write really fun stuff that others record – like What Was I Thinkin'? by Dierks Bentley – and does really serious,thought-provoking stuff on his own albums, and he hasn't sold his soul to make it in the business. I have a lot of respect for him.

Detective Tymen Farraday: Bruce Cockburn. Ty will fight for what's right and make a bold statement about it, but he's also got a bit of a poet's soul.

Lara Kelly: Jimmy Rankin. There's one line in Jimmy's song, Handmade, "Have we lost the need and the will to care". Jimmy has a certain tenacity that Lara possesses as well, someone who doesn't close their eyes to the world around them.

Toni Causey

Hmm. Well, if I had to be a band, I'd pick a local — the Marc Broussard Band. Particularly for the hit "Home" which is bluesy / rock / funk and fun.

Bobbie Faye is somewhere between Broussard, ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard and Music Mafia's Gretchen Wilson. I can't narrow it down because it kinda depends on what's blowing up around her at the moment.

Derek Nikitas

If I were a rock band, I'd be my little brother's band Besnyo, because I'm quiet, brooding somewhat dark, but also because I'm a fledgling still trying to prove myself. And of course because I'm related to the guitarist.

My main character is actually NOT the police detective (though there is one), but the 15-year-old daughter of the murder victim (that is, the first murder victim). She's the spitting image of Avril Levigne–young, punky, angry–but the real thing, rather than thecommercial product that Avril might be. Then again, Luc (my main character) wears a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt through half the novel, so maybe NIN is a better choice.

Tom Cavanaugh

For me, I don't know, maybe James Taylor? Looks like normal laid back guy but has a lot of darker stuff going on behind the scenes? (Good grief…)

My plot of my book is actually about a search for a missing member of a popular Orlando-based teen boy band. The band's name is Boyz Klub (clever, huh?). So, I would be remiss in answering this question if I didn't drop that in.

For my protagonist, maybe Bruce Springsteen? He has a real blue-collar doggedness to his pursuit. Possibly Warren Zevon or Bob Marley, for more depressing reasons. My main character suffers from a terminal brain tumor.

Jason Pinter

The Offspring

For my character, Henry Parker, they represent a little bit of "Fuck the Establishment," a little bit of Dennis the Menace, a little bit of desceptively erudite wisdom, a little bit of "be your own person," and a little bit of biting off more than he can chew. Ok, in THE MARK, he bites of a lot more than he can chew.

So, readers. How about you? If you were a rock band (and the term can be applied loosely to anything resembling a rock band) who would YOU be?

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Well, now I have to go digging through my CD collection and start dusting off stuff too long neglected.

If I was a band, I think I would be the Breeders. Kim Deal liked to carry the melody in the bass line, which I think is something I do a bit of in my writing. And in any case, the Breeders are incredible.

My guy in lost dog, Peter McKrall, would probably be The Smiths. Moody, introspective, dark, with a streak of outrageousness. No comment on whether or not his girlfriend is in a coma.

Comment by Bill Cameron

Bill, welcome to Killer Year, and blogging!

And Marcus – darn it all. I blame YOU for the song in my head that won’t get out, not to mention JT putting that wretched link up.

But this isn’t really how I want to picture anyone:

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Before I sold my first screenplay, it was pointed out to me by several people that it’s practically impossible to sell a screenplay.

Before I became a member of the WGA, I was told that there were only a few members (a couple thousand) and the chances of becoming one were pretty slim.

After I became a member of the WGA, the WGA ITSELF told me in a nice “congratulations!” letter that the chances of me ever working in Hollywood again were practically nonexistent.

Before selling my first novel to St. Martin’s, people told me that it’s extremely difficult to sell fiction these days — especially cross-genre fiction.

Naysayers abound in this world. And, frankly, they’re usually right. They have the statistics to prove it.

But to those of us who are determined to make it, their words fuel the engine rather than stall the flight.

Comment by Robert Gregory Browne

Well, the above was actually meant for the newer blog entry — as is pretty obvious. So feel free to delete it, Jason… 🙂

Comment by Robert Gregory Browne

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