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Hooked On A Feeling
June 22, 2006, 6:00 am
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It’s Thursday, that bizarre day of the week that really does feel like Friday and we don’t truly need. Admit it, life would be better if we could just go from Hump Day to Friday, get the weekend started already, right?

When I was in college, back in the dark ages of the early 90's, Thursday night parties were much more important than anything you did over the weekend. It was the day of the week we all looked forward to. Weekends were for dates and studying. But Thursdays were custom made for gettin’ down.

I guess that’s why they feel so strange to me now. Because I’m an adult (quit scoffing, classmates) and Thursday has become just another day of the work week.

But now, all that’s changed. Thursdays are important to me again. Thursday is my day to blog at KillerYear! So, let’s get this party started with happy thoughts from David Hasselhoff. And I’ll give bonus points for dachshund sightings.

Hooga, Hooga, Ooga Chakka, indeed. I got your hooga right here, Davie. Everyone feel better now? No offense, but his people must be smoking crack.

As the classmates of Killer Year have gotten to know each other a little better, I am amazed all over again at the breadth and depth of this group of debut novelists. We come from all walks of life. We are scattered across the country. We range in age from our twenties to our fifties. We split the genders in a genre representative cluster — 10 men, 5 women. Our books range from comedic to noir to literary to international thriller. Many are coming out in mass market paperback. Several of us signed multi-book deals, so you have years of reading enjoyment to look forward to. All in all, and I’m not just saying this, we’re going to knock your socks off.

And I think we have more in common that just that. It’s been said a million times, and will be said a million times more. Writers are solitary people. We’re comfortable being in our own minds for extended periods of time. That has to skew your thinking, to a certain extent, right? So when an opportunity to gather a group of like-minded people comes along, we jump at the chance. For an isolated red state writer like myself, these connections are Internet based. And while that’s how we’ve started out, over the course of the coming year, we’ll be able to cement these friendships in person.

Going on the road alone is terrifying to me. If I know I’ll have 2 or 3 of my classmates with me, not so bad. Being on a panel – whew, that’s going to be interesting. But if I’m on a panel with several people I know well, it will be much easier. Press kits? Coop dollars? Book reviews? Platforms? Award Nominations??? Instead of picking our solitary way through the wilds of the first year of being published authors, we’ll be able to support one another, share our experiences and successes. Learn where the pitfalls are. And generally have an easier time of it.

So stay tuned to KillerYear – The Blog. Watch the website for new developments. And if you have pearls of wisdom to share with the Newbies, please, we’re all ears. Breaking new ground is all well and good, but you published veterans hold the keys to the kingdom.

Next week, I’ll be at ThrillerFest with many of you. I can’t wait to meet you!


JT Ellison


MIRA Books, November 2007

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Okay, that video was pure evil. And you’re doubly evil for mentioning the damn dachshunds – I sat through far more of that crap than I should have trying to figure out where the fucking dogs were. I can only guess how terrifying your books will be.

Anyway, hope I get a chance to say howdy at ThrillerFest. It’ll be fun to watch KY2007 in their first major public appearance.

Comment by Angie

Okay, I’ve had that damn song in my head ever since Marcus mentioned The Hoff the other night.

And this morning, I woke up with Walking on Sunshine in my head… and then I come here.

Thanks. A lot.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Nothing like a good dose of the Hoff to get the morning started, huh? One of the women at the office has a bit of a Hasselhoff obsession. It’s not that she really likes him, but she pretends to for fun. We’ve all got Hoff pictures on the cube walls, and are immediately notified when any new Hoff news is released. By the way, he was on ESPN2’s Cold Pizza yesterday morning, shooting hoops AND singing at the same time. Priceless.

Gotta love the Hoff…(okay, not really. But it cracked me up to say that.)

Comment by Brett Battles

Had to laugh–then I got scared. What’s next for David H? A sex video followed by penning a thriller novel?

Noooooo!! That would be too frightening for words.

Can we enact our first KY moratorium?

Comment by cj

Ouch. My auditory and visual organs. I’m going to hafta go watch Magical Trevor a couple dozen times to wash that from my system.

Comment by Bill Cameron

I’ve been singing that song for three days now. Talk about viral marketing — it has more than 4 million views.
Sorry for the torture, kids… Well, no, I’m really not. If I have to suffer from earwormitis, I’d rather share.

Comment by killeryear

Hasselhoff is an amazing talent. And the special effects in that video. Outstanding.

Why oh why can’t I sing and dance like that? I’d give up writing in a New York minute if I had the talent to star in such a wonderful tribute to life and love.

Hooked on a feeling, indeed.


Comment by Rob Gregory Browne

You know the part that blows me away, leaves me breathless in my seat? When he’s in Antarctica and they toss him that massive salmon, which he immediately PUTS IN HIS MOUTH.

Comment by JT Ellison

Well, we are talking about the man who allowed himself to serve as Spongebob’s motor boat.

Comment by Bill Cameron

Okay, yeah, I could’ve gone all day without seeing that video. Really, is it supposed to be a spoof? ‘Cause I’m thinking if they had just done with the “serious” parts – the Hoff in a tux is … well, eye candy – then this actually wouldn’t have been half bad. As is … the guy is high on something, but I’m not sure it’s just believin’, ya know?

Excellent post, JT. So, whose house are we partying at tonight? đŸ˜‰

Comment by J.B. Thompson

Hasselhoff. Ooga chaka, indeed. Bah! It is but a pale imitator of William Shatner’s version of Rocket Man.

Now THAT will send you into convlusions.

Comment by Stephen Blackmoore

Speaking of Shatner. If you want to pick up a really great spoken-word-set-to-music CD, check out his latest, produced by — I believe — Joe Jackson.

No kidding here — it’s great.

Comment by Rob Gregory Browne

Shatner. The name alone is sublime. The body of work behind the name is beyond transcendent. Pick a moment in time over the last fifty years, and Shatner is there.

Twilight Zone. Trek. T.J. Hooker. Priceline. Boston Legal. And the music . . . the music. Or perhaps I should say, the “music.”

Ah, Shatner.

Ahhhhh, . . .


For your listening pleasure, I submit to you:

(And it is will all seriousness that I say I absolute adore this CD.)

Comment by Bill Cameron

Captain Kirk rules. Talk about a hottie in his prime…

Comment by JT Ellison

By the way, folks. Nip over to The Man in Black…
Let’s show our man some love.

Comment by JT Ellison

I stand corrected. Produced by Ben Folds, not Joe Jackson. Although I think Jackson was involved on one of the “songs.”

Comment by Rob Gregory Browne

Ben Folds, now there’s a singer for you. LOVE him!

Comment by JT Ellison

Hopefully everyone stopped posting because they are too busy listening to Ben Folds, and, of course, Shatner.

Or, . . . perhaps I should say,

Comment by Bill Cameron

No Bill, I think they’re all just controversied out.:)
I on the other hand have been listening to Ben.

Comment by JT Ellison

My college days are behind me, but Thursday is still my favourite day of the week – for this very reason.

Yup, back at BC, Thursdays were looked forward to above all else.

Comment by Buffy

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