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June 20, 2006, 9:00 am
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In advertising, they use the term impression to refer to the amount of times a potential customer is exposed to a particular message. You see a Coke ad in a magazine, you watch their commercial on TV, then you see their logo when you walk into your local diner. That’s three impression right there. The idea is the more impressions a consumer has, the more likely they will purchase the product.

Impression: a lasting effect or opinion of something or someone.

Let’s face it, first time novelists start off already behind. There’s more than 170,000 books published each year. It’s hard enough for established novelists to get noticed let alone those who have no track record. It’s a shame, too. Because a lot of great debut authors go unnoticed.

But we’ve decided we’re not going to let that happen. The goal of the Killer Class of 2007 is to spread information. Letting you know about us and about our work. To make an impression. That way when you’re scanning the shelves at your local bookstore looking for something new, then see one of our book there, it won’t be an unknown quantity to you. Here, we’re giving you the chance to find something new and make an informed decision about your purchase.

To help you, we at Killer Year will introduce you to our member writers with profiles and interviews. We’ll provide you with opportunities to get to know the characters in our stories. We’ll alert you to releases and important events. Not only that, you’ll also be able to learn more about us as we share our experiences on the road toward publication, and then continue with news after our books come out.

The Killer Class of 2007 is a great one. We believe in each other. The quality of the work is excellent.

Be skeptical, that’s fine. Be leery, that’s okay, too. But keep an eye on us. Because at some point we’ll prove ourselves to you and you’ll be hooked.

You are going to have a great time, and we can’t wait to bring it to you.

2007 is going to be a Killer Year.

Brett Battles
The first Jonathan Quinn Thriller coming
Spring 2007
Bantam Dell

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Keep on preachin’, brother Battles! Well done.

Comment by Jason Pinter

This is an awesome idea & I’m wishing you all the best. So far, Killer Year’s making a great impression!

Comment by Angie

Can I get a “AMEN!” Excellent post, Brett. Very insightful.

You guys are the prototype of “this is how it’s done, folks” and you’re all going to be BIG! I’m so proud (sniff)!

– J.B. (aka the Middle Triplet)

Comment by J.B. Thompson

A perfect description, Brett. We believe in each other. This is an amazing group of writers, and I am thrilled to be a part of Killer Year.

Comment by JT Ellison

Terrific post, Brett. Writers helping writers. We really do believe in each other. And hey, if two heads are better than one, then fourteen is… nirvana.

Comment by toni mcgee causey

You know guys, if I wasn’t first, I’d have my characters READING YOUR BOOKS! Damn, that sucks. Next year, with book 2, perhaps…

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

(Now I’m off to get a coke.)

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

I had a character reading another author’s book in KISS HER GOODBYE. My editor nixed it.

Good post, Brett.

Comment by Rob Gregory Browne

A character in my book is reading another author’s book, but so far my editor hasn’t mentioned it! Of course, it’s not anyone I personally know, and it’s an older book. I wonder if I will hear anything about it.

Comment by Bill Cameron

I give a shout-out to Elmore Leonard in my book. No doubt he’ll be very grateful–probably up his sales. 😉

Comment by Marcus Sakey

I mention two authors in mine. Haruki Murikami and Chang-Rae Lee. Already gone through the copy edit phase, so their in.

Comment by Brett Battles

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