Killer Year–The Class of 2007

Welcome to the Class of 2007
June 19, 2006, 4:21 am
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Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages, book lovers and thrill seekers everywhere. Lock the doors. Get under the covers. Make sure the batteries in your flashlight are charged. Listen to the rustling of leaves outside your window, and pray the sound is just that…because you never know what lurks in the shadows…

Welcome to Killer Year, the Class of 2007.

Over the next eighteen months, you will find mystery.

You will find murder.

You will find intrigue.

You will discover the Class of 2007, and you’ll read some of the deadliest debut novels sure to keep your pulse racing and the pages turning until you finally remember to breathe.

What you have before you is the blog representing 14 inaugural members of Killer Year, the prestigious Class of 2007, the authors who will keep you up all night for 12 straight months starting at midnight on December 31st, 2006.

These talented newcomers represent a new era of crime fiction, authoring some of the breakout debut mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense novels of the upcoming year.

Now just so we’re clear, the universe of “Crime Fiction,” is vast. Many authors in many genres can be characterized as Crime Writers, from mega-thriller writers like James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell, to Hall-of-Fame veterans like Lawrence Block, Robert B. Parker and Ken Bruen, cozy writers like M.C. Beaton and thriller writers with heart like Sandra Brown, Lisa Jackson and Nora Roberts. They all write under the umbrella of crime fiction, and in 2007 these debut novelists won’t just be joining the club and spreading the buzz…they’ll be creating their own.

Crime fiction is very much the literary national pastime, with authors like Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie and James M. Cain paving the road for the current breed of novelists who tackle the dark side of humanity. Every year some debut crime authors break out of the pack with startling speed and tenacity. Some Killer Year members will create uncharted worlds never before seen in the crime universe. Others will take tried and true conventions and turn them on their head. Some will carve out their very own criminal niche, draw in legions of new fans, and cement their books atop the very best our industry has to offer.

Crime novels have the ability to do many things. Books like THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER have you sweating as Jack Ryan races to defuse a confrontation that doubles as an eerie harbinger of many of the fears facing the world today. Authors like Karin Slaughter take you inside the forensic lab and reveal what really happens on that cold slab. Authors like Harlan Coben make you believe that the most terrifying things can happen to the most ordinary of people. Books like Dennis Lehane’s MYSTIC RIVER create searing drama that rivals any literary fiction in pure emotional depth. Authors like Carl Hiaasen, J.A. Konrath, Janet Evanovich and Tim Dorsey have you laughing even as the body count rises. Authors like Charlie Huston prove that hard-boiled prose can lead to heart-wrenching moments, and authors like Barry Eisler and Lee Child offer cool antiheroes while ushering you to lands you’ve never seen before.

Crime novels take some of our most primal emotions and fears and place them on the page, creating vivid scenarios that can alter the perception of the world around us…or create brand new worlds for us to explore uninhibited. They are about greed, passion, love, lust, money, murder, revenge, vengeance, justice, good, evil, and everything in between. A wise man might say crime novels take all of our emotions and turn the dial to 11. Crime fiction encompasses the most popular books in the world, occupying space in every reader’s home, and these members of the Class of 2007 are ready to break down that door and start rearranging the furniture.

In the Class of 2007, you might find the next Michael Connelly. The next Sue Grafton. The next P.D. James. The next David Morrell. The next Sara Paretsky. The next John Grisham. The next Laura Lippman. The next Dan Brown. Or the next author whom future novelists can only hope to be compared.

In these members of the inaugural Killer Year, the Class of 2007, you'll find a group of debut novelists hungry and prepared to burst onto the crime scene. Many of them will create stories and characters that will be talked about for years. They will raise pulses, shorten fingernails, and have us turning the last page and feeling the greatest emotions of all—pure joy, entertainment, and satisfaction.

So it's my pleasure to introduce the Class of 2007:


Brett Battles

Robert Gregory Browne

Toni McGee Causey

Thomas B. Cavanagh

J.T Ellison

Patry Francis

Philip Hawley, Jr.

Marc Lecard

C.J. Lyons

Derek Nikitas

Gregg Olsen

Jason Pinter

Sandra Ruttan

Marcus Sakey


So get ready. We're pleased to meet you. It’s going to be a Killer Year.


Jason Pinter (aka The Man in Black)

Author of THE MARK

Coming July, 2007


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Hey guys, welcome to the web. I’m so impressed with what you are doing I’mgiving you a little present. It’s over at my blog. Check the link above.

Comment by M.J. Rose

Fantastic introduction, O Leader, My Leader! You’ve summed us up nicely. It’s gonna be a KillerYear!

Comment by JT Ellison

Wonderful job, Jason! Now, of course, I feel no pressure whatsoever to live up to that intro. Nope, no pressure, baby. Not gonna wig out or spontaneously combust or take a bunch of hostages like last time, I promise. Yep, smooth sailing, no worries.

Comment by toni mcgee causey

Spontaneous combustion is good for the soul. And come on, this post is just an introduction. I can’t wait to see what other members have to say, and what readers reactions are.

Well done to everyone in Killer Year, keep the keg flowing!

Comment by Jason Pinter

Brilliant post Jason. Couldn’t have said it better!

And much thanks to MJ for the welcome and the gift.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Looks great. Can’t wait to see where you go with it.

Comment by Patrick Shawn Bagley

Whoops, you had your comments link at the top and I clicked on the wrong link. My mind is going in my old age.

Congrats for getting the blog up and running! I’m looking forward to making this a regular blog stop šŸ™‚

Comment by Allison Brennan

I have a coffee table, good condition, just a few blood stains, that I’d like to slip into someone’s living room!

What a wonderful idea! Go Team Killer Year!

Comment by Bill Cameron

As a baby doctor, I’m beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable about having this close association with a group that’s so dedicated to killing and mayhem.

Comment by Philip Hawley


Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Gee, Sandra, we’re not even a day into this thing and you’re already introducing some tension and drama.

Bravo, I say! What a talented group this is!

If I were your editor, though, I’d point out that it’s redundant to refer to a pediatrician as a wuss.

Comment by Philip Hawley

I’ll only behave if I get a lollipop.

Comment by Sandra Ruttan

Good thing Phil carries a pocket full with him everywhere he goes!

Comment by Brett Battles

Excellent website! The “group effect” will increase awareness and create buzz in the industry. I like to see writers taking the publishing bull by the horns. Yank the beast into submission!

Comment by Derek J Rogers

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